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Why choose us?

Our services are fully flexible to the specific needs of your pet
Our services are designed to provide your pet a healthy break during the day, through authentic interaction. Building in an active routine to your pets life can significantly boost wellbeing.

It isn't just dogs that benefit either! Cats and other less active pets (Rabbits/Guinea Pigs etc) also benefit greatly from having human interaction during the day.

Besides Daily Visits, we also offer Overnight Homestays which allow your pet to have significantly more company while you away. Pet sitters visit your pet twice during the day and stay overnight with your pet. We do everything we can to match your pets routine so that there is less of an adjustment to you being gone.
 Our dynamic team are experienced and have gone through an interview and training process before being selected. 
​ We understand the importance of you and your pet family to feel as comfortable as possible so...

We include:
  • A copy of the pet sitter's passport
  • We organize a complimentary compatibility meeting to ensure your pet's comfort before the reservation
  • Daily "pUpdates" so that you know what your little friend has been up to while you are away
What we require in return is:
  • Proof of updated vaccinations
  • Contact information of your pet's veterinarian 
  • Disclosure of any prior health concerns or behavioral incidents
  • Your trust